Amethyst Bay Magazine Spread



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Creating the perfect piece


This piece was designed for a fictional company called Amethyst Bay Resort and Spa. They were wanting a magazine ad to advertise their vacation resort to adults aged 25 and up. A more specified target audience would be the same audience as the magazine it would appear in.


I wanted to create a chic look for this ad in order for it to be acceptable to appear in a professional magazine publication. Including the logo and website address, the audience would be able to find more information after seeing the enticing imagery for a vacation getaway.

The luxury of Amethyst Bay should be the first thing an audience sees, so I focused on making the ad luxurious and clean with minimal text in order that calls to the audience. Using a photo with a perspective view would allow the audience to actually feel they were almost walking into the area, and would yearn to be in a place as peaceful, calm and luxurious as the ad’s photo.


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