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Creating the perfect piece


This is a design for a self-published cookbook. The design includes not only the front cover of the book, but the content layout. This project had an image restriction as it had a religious intended audience that does not use or have any image of things considered created by God. This does not include processed foods such as bread, cake, soups, etc. There was no color restriction by the printers.


The book cover was created using Photoshop. The content layout was designed with InDesign. Each different section of the book is presented in a different color in order to quickly find the type of food the reader would want to create. Having to find photos of foods that did not include their restrictions was a challenge, but each section begins with an image representing the type of food.

Because of the vast amount of content and different complexity of each recipe, each one had to be formatted individually in order to accommodate all recipes in the least amount of pages to keep the print low-cost. Everything was formatted in order for the printer using custom attributes from the printer. File was formatted with correct printing information: CMYK colors, margins and bleeds. This cookbook was printed and spiral bound in 2018.



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