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Creating the perfect piece


The client, Soldiers of the Cross of Christ commissioned this poster for a youth retreat in 2019. This design was created for a Facebook post to invite a targeted audience of youth from ages 13-25 in the United States. The title translates to: Victorious in Christ.



The background was chosen to represent victory through the mountains (as if reaching the top is a victory) and blue is the main color to represent the human spirit and spirituality for the religious event.

I created this piece using alignment and balance as the base in order to create a piece that could easily be read in a few seconds. The hierarchy allows the audience to capture all the information quickly and effectively, which is paramount when making a design which would be presented online through social media platforms.

The background is still visible through the lettering, which is present in a lot of design targeted to the same audience. Using a bold handwritten typography and keeping a monochromatic color scheme allows for an eye-catching announcement while scrolling through social media.


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